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LB Pools is dedicated to providing a wide range of pool services in East Valley to meet all your maintenance, cleaning, and equipment needs. Our experienced professionals are committed to  exceptional service and maintaining he highest standards of care for your pool. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to keep your pool in optimal condition, allowing you to relax, unwind, and enjoy. A comprehensive inspection guaranteed. [read more]

At LB Pools we pride ourselves on our meticulous inspection process, guaranteed to be performed at each visit. 

Our goal is to ensure your family’s pool is as clean as possible using the minimum amount of chemicals. Over treated pools can be hazardous, and our experienced techs know how to avoid that. Clean surfaces mean a safer swim for you, your children and all your guests. 

As a locally owned and operated company in East Valley, we hire only the highest qualified technicians to care for every aspect of your pool and spa. We treat every customer like our own families hosting a pool party. 

Contact us today to experience the LP Family of Pools difference. Get your pool in East Valley sparkly clean and running smoothly again with the trusted professionals. We’re here to make your pool care a breeze.

At LB Pols, the customer is always first – We take care of your pool and water features as if they were our own. WE are a small locally owned and operated company who only hires the highest qualified technicians to care for every aspect of your pool and spa. We believe the growth of our business comes from happy and satisfied customers. You want to be able to enjoy your pool when you want at any time without worrying about whether the water is balanced and safe for your family to swim in. You want your pool or spa clear and beautiful, ready for use at all times. We can do that for you! 

LB Pools is Insured – We carry $$$ General liability policy to ensure that you our customer are protected at all times. It is very important to hire a pool company with insurance to ensure that your property and pool is protected at all times.

f you hire a pool company that is not insured and something bad happens at your house who do you think is liable? You are as the homeowner. We are a very professional company in every sense of the word and we carry the needed liability insurance to take that risk off of you and your families shoulders. It may cost a couple more dollars each month to hire a professional company like LB Pools however isn’t your families safety and your peace of mind worth it?

So you’re thinking about hiring a pool service company and you’ve heard that you can get it done for cheap, maybe even as cheap as $70 per month with chemicals. RED FLAG ALERT! 

LB Pools offers various weekly, bi-weekly and individual pool services to everyone in need of them. We can fit to most budgets. Our weekly pool service will take the hassle and expense out of caring for your pool. Give us a call today for a free – no obligation estimate.

Easy tips for keeping the pool clean in the summertime [/read]

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